Dear Friends, 

We understand what you are feeling at this moment. We too have felt the horror you are feeling right now.

We understand the feeling of helplessness. It is difficult to wrap your mind around something so dark. But now you are faced with a choice. The same choice we were faced with…

> Move on with your life as normal and try to forget that you learned about this,


> You can answer the call to help those trapped in the dark world of sex slavery.

You’re asking yourself, How Can I Help?

You don’t want to put yourself or your family at risk, but you want to do something!


So let’s make a difference together! Let’s start creating a safer world for All of
God’s Children. Yours, Mine and Theirs. They are all Treasures from God. Talk to
your loved ones and friends. It is through awareness that change happens.
Talk to the children in your life. Teach them how to stay safe. Create a safe
place for them to share their thoughts.
Love each other with a Fierce Love! May Our Fierce Love Be A Force 4 Good!
With The Compassion & Love of Christ,
The Fierce Love 4 Good Family