Child sex trafficking is Modern Day Slavery. Slavery was NOT abolished with Lincoln.

Child sex trafficking is a 150 billion dollar industry. It will soon surpass the drug trade industry. Trafficking of children is much more lucrative because a child can be sold 10-20 times a day, unlike the single sale of a drug. The USA is among the top 3 destinations in the world for child sex trafficking. That means child sex traffickers are looking to sell children in the USA as it is one of the largest consumers. 30 Million are trapped in sex slavery today.

3% are kidnapped

100,000 are being trafficked

35% are sold by a family member

62% are seduced, threatened or Blackmailed by someone they know

This has become a Hidden Humanitarian Crisis!

We must bring awareness and empowerment to our local communities in order to restore our world back to a safe place for our children to live, grow and thrive.

We must be proactive in sending out the message…

God’s Children Are NOT For Sale Anymore!


One Community At A Time!

May Our Fierce Love Be a Force 4 Good!

Let’s Do This!