Fierce Love 4 Good is a nonprofit ministry endeavoring to form a Psalm 91 prayer force to storm heaven to make a difference in the lives of the captives of human trafficking. We are a small group of women who came together on February 25, 2021, Purim, to pray scripture.

Our sole purpose was to come before the LORD our God to petition Him with our prayers, through scripture, for the healing of our land and all of humanity. Out of these corporate prayer times, God compelled us to bring awareness to our communities about the reality of human trafficking and make a difference in the future of God’s children.

Fierce love is what God has for all of His children, young and old. We have a fierce love, just like our Heavenly Father, for those who have been victimized by human trafficking. This fierce love compels us to pray for the support and rescue of every individual held captive in human trafficking.

Everyone can pray, but not everyone can rescue. We want to start a Psalm 91 prayer force movement to storm heaven with prayer at four designated times; 7 AM, 12 noon, 7 PM, or 12 midnight.

In the book Third Heaven Authority by Mike Thompson, the author states, “Prayer is even more effective when there are multiple people storming heaven. But when other people are involved, there must be accord; otherwise, everyone is praying their own notions in different ways.

To see maximum impact, it must be clear exactly what the group will be praying for and what the answer should be. Then you pray together in agreement for that purpose. This is a strong prayer spiritually because the Bible says one is a strong prayer spiritually because the Bible says one can put a thousand to flight and two can put ten thousand to flight (Deut. 32:30). There’s an exponential increase in the display of God’s power when believers pray in agreement.”

The purpose of the Psalm 91 prayer force movement is to pray concerning the captives of human trafficking and the success of the mission of their rescuers. The answer we expect is the prevention of anyone entering into human trafficking, successful rescues of captives, and the fulfillment of James 5:16, “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”

The following prayer uses Psalm 91 from the NKJV as a format to be in accord to storm heaven as a unified force at four designated times 7 AM, 12 noon, 7 PM, or 12 midnight. The Psalm 91 prayer format may also be used during a major disaster or event in the world prayed at these four designated times.

Pick a time and commit to praying the prayer in this downloadable PDF.